Core Information Workbook
iLab Implementation Document to prepare cores and inform the iLab Project Manager of current workflows and services offered.

Populating the Core questionnaire and Info Needed Workbook is one of the first steps in cores' implementation. Please review each tab in order to get an idea of the information we will be requesting when your implementation begins. We will go over this workbook in detail during your assigned wave implementation. In other words, this is a sneak preview, there is no need to submit this to us now unless we've asked for it specifically. 

iLab Implementation - Core Questionnaire

iLab Implementation - Core Information Workbook

Below we have suggested areas within MyCORES from which you may export current information to more easily populate your workbook. 


iLab Tab

Facility Staff

Instrument Settings

Single Service Items


Core Maintenance Report

Resource Maintenance > Hover or click resource to view current settings

Reports > Item Master