Using a Core Facility
As a Core Customer, you can use iLab to visit the storefront for Core Facilities and directly request services or reserve resources.

Roles: Core Customers


Schedule Equipment

1) Layout of Schedule Equipment tab

The layout of the Schedule Equipment tab is shown below: 

  1. Resource header: The header shows the name of the resource. Clicking on the name will open the Schedule (same effect as clicking the "View Schedule" button"). To the right of the title are two additional links:
    • description: toggle open/closed a more detailed description of the resource (may be open by default)
    • pricing: toggle open/closed information about the pricing for this resource
  2. View schedule: click on this button to open up to view the schedule for this resource and to make reservations.
  3. Favorite: click on the heart icon to mark this resource as a favorite, for easy reference later 

2) Create a Reservation

To schedule an event on the calendar, click and drag on the day and time of the intended usage. If you are a member of multiple Labs/Groups, you will first be asked to select the Lab/Group this reservation will be made under. Then, complete the reservation form:

  1. Reservation details: Verify key information about the reservation, such as the specific resource, the lab and when it was created. If there are multiple instances of a resource (e.g. if a core has multiple physical instance of the same equipment), you will be able to pick the specific instance in the "Specify the required resource" drop-down. You can also leave a note in the reservation, and indicate if it is visible to all users, or only the core staff. 
  2. Times: Verify that the times of the reservation are correct. If you want to make any changes, click on the pencil icon, update the information, and then click the green check mark icon. 
  3. Use and cost of reservation: Verify the usage type (e.g. assisted or unassisted) and the cost of the reservation. Note that the cost may depend on the selected usage type. 
  4. Payment information: Select your payment method.
  5. Invite additional people to this event by email: If you would like to invite others, enter their email address to forward an invite to them.
  6. Save / Cancel: Click "Save reservation" to save the reservation as currently configured. Click "Cancel reservation" to go back to the equipment schedule without saving any changes.
  7. Required forms: If the resource requires you to complete any forms, the will be listed in this panel on the right.  Complete the fields, at a minimum the required fields marked with a red star (or the reservation cannot be saved)
  8. Delete reservation: If this option is available, it will completely delete the reservation and release the reserved time. For more information on deleting/canceling reservations, see below.
  9. Add comment: You can add a comment that will be tracked on the panel at the bottom of the reservation. The core may also add comments in this area.

Request Services


1) Request Approval Workflow

Once the request is successfully submitted by the Customer, it will follow the below approval workflow:

After the customer submits the request, the Core typically review it and put together a quote (proposal with scope of work and estimated cost). The quote is sent back to the Customer (notified by e-mail), who then agrees to the quote (or declines). Note that the quote generation and approval steps may be bypassed if the cost of the work is know at submission (or if there is no charge). After this step, the request needs to be approved by the Financial Approver. This is typically the Customer's PI or Lab/Group Manager, though in certain cases this responsibility is delegated to a Departmental Administrator. Only once the financial approval has been granted can the core start the work in iLab.

Once the Service Request has been submitted, the Customer can check on the status on the View My Requests‍ tab.


2) Layout of Request Services tab

The layout of the Request Services tab is illustrated below:

  1. Service requests panel: Note: this section may be named differently by the core. The main panel of the Request Services tab. Click on this header to open/close the panel (use this if you are not seeing any service request listed).
  2. General information: The core may include general information and instructions related to their service requests here.
  3. Service request titles and descriptions: All of the available Service Requests are listed here
  4. Initiate request: click the "Request service" button to initiate a request
  5. Service list panel: Note: this section may be named differently by the core. If available (not all cores show this section), this panel lists the individual services that the core provides. It can be viewed as a price list of the various components that go into pricing a larger service request. In select cases, the core will allow Customers to directly order individual service items. Clicking on this header opens/closes the whole section below. 
  6. Search available services: Enter (part of) a service and click the blue triangle to narrow down the list below to only items that match the search term. 
  7. View by category / alphabetically: The first link shows the service items grouped by their category (default). The second link will show an alphabetical list of all items. 
  8. Category header: Click on a category header (if services are categorized) to open/close the list below of all services that are part of that category. 
  9. Price: This information may not be made available by each core. If available, you will see the price for the service items.


3) Initiate a Service Request

As discussed above, initiate a service request by clicking on the "initiate request" button of the appropriate request. This will open up the Service Request interface:

The interface has three sections:

  1. Forms and Request Details: This section will contain any forms that need to be completed as part of the service requests, as discussed in more detail below.
  2. Costs: this section is for core use only, and may reflect an initial cost estimate for the service request, or it may be empty and get updated by the core after submission. 
  3. Payment information: Here you select the payment information to be applied to this request, as discussed in more detail here.

Once you have completed these sections, click one of the buttons at the bottom of the interface to proceed:

  • Submit request to core: Submit the request for the core to review. See Approval Workflows‍ for more information on the approvals needed before work can begin. 
  • Save draft request: Close the Service Request interface and save the current request as draft. It can be revisited and completed from the View My Requests tab‍.
  • Cancel: Cancel the request. All completed information will be lost.

Note that if you (accidentally) refresh your browser while completing a service request, it will be saved as draft and can be found on the View My Requests tab‍.

For more information visit iLab Using a Core