Strategic Advisory Committee

The RRP Strategic Advisory Committee is comprised of faculty, core directors and administrators that represents the interests of both clinical and basic research.

Core resources at UCSF were historically created and managed according to individual program and department needs, without any long-term or institutional level planning. Over many years a large number of disease-centered cores with overlapping functions and inefficiencies in management were created. Many of these facilities are chronically in deficit and much effort is expended on financial problems and survival, rather than on acquiring new technology and expertise. In addition, many facilities have sub-standard or insufficient space that restricts the work they can do and their ability recruit and retain technology expertise.

In the future, state-of-the-art technology and technical expertise required to support the UCSF research enterprise will be available as shared resources in technology centers that are supported by both institutional and department resources. Long-term planning will ensure rational development of new resources and efficient designation of space. 

The immediate charge of this committee is to facilitate the transition of UCSF cores to a more rational state that makes efficient use of resources and aligns the investment of new resources with UCSF strategic goals. The committee will map out a process of change that takes into account institutional culture, departmental policies, individual expectations and ingrained practices. In the long-term the committee will identify changing technology priority areas, insure that core development funds are targeted to priority areas and advocate for resources needed to create and maintain cutting edge technology centers of excellence at UCSF.