iLab Implementation Checklist
When your core's wave is ready for implementation, the RRP iLab Team will reach out to you. Each of the steps outlined below are critical to gathering the information needed to provide your iLab Implementation Associate with important information about your core, your core needs, and how your core operates.
These items must be gathered and completed prior to the implementation kickoff meeting.
  • Go over iLab’s Overview Powerpoint
  • Complete Core Questionnaire. (Upload it to RRP-created core box folder)
  • Develop a Core Facility Flow Chart for Equipment Reservations or Request Services (or any other functions your core performs. Upload to Box) (Optional)
  • Gather any forms your core uses. (Upload it to RRP-created core box folder)
  • Gather any reports your core currently generates. (Upload it to RRP-created core box folder)
  • Upload to box your most recent "Core Recharge Approval Letter" from the budget office
  • Complete iLab Info-Needed Workbook. (Upload it to RRP-created core box folder)
    • Gather a list of equipment used in your core and any information you need for an equipment reservation. Include associated pricing.
    • Gather a list of services your core performs and any information you collect when a user requests the service. Include associated pricing.
    • Gather a list of single items your core charges for or sells. (Ex. test tubes, staff time, grid storage box) Include associated pricing.
  • Meet with RRP iLab Implementation Associate to review materials.
  • Implement your core in iLab, working with the iLab Implementation Associate.
  • Review iLab’s training videos and guides.
  • Send a communication to your stakeholders and edit your UCSF website to re-direct them to iLab to schedule equipment and services.
  • Go-Live!

RRP will create a drop box folder for your Core to upload all the forms, reports, and Info-Needed Workbook. For any implementation questions please contact [email protected]