Strategic Roadmap for Cores


The Strategic Roadmap for Cores is an initiative by UCSF to develop a comprehensive view of core strategic needs and priorities across all areas including basic, translational and clinical research. The goal is to identify areas of impact and benefit to the UCSF enterprise and assist leadership in identifying the funding sources to fulfill investment requirements and priorities.

In 2013, the entire UCSF community was invited to submit suggestions through the open proposal mechanism. A total of 77 suggestions were submitted and considered by 6 sub-committees. The steering committee considered the recommendations of each sub-committee and prioritized areas for funding.

Strategic Roadmap Priority Areas

  1. Provide funds for investment in Emerging Technologies and State of the Art Equipment.
  2. Develop expertise and support for management and analysis of big data.
  3. Centralize and standardize biospecimen banking across campus.
  4. Provide career development support for core research management and staff.
  5. Acknowledge and provide support for core activities that are not recharged for.
  6. Support the development of current and new researchers.
  7. Improve financial management of cores.
  8. Consolidate space within and between cores, where appropriate.
  9. Promote the availability of all cores and their training programs.


Download the 5 Year Strategic Roadmap Report