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iLab Solutions

UCSF has selected iLab solutions as the enterprise-wide core facility management system to replace MyCores. iLab Solutions is the leader in providing web-based management services to academic research institutions with customers that include leading NIH-funded universities, research hospitals, and independent institutes. Over the next 18 months we will be working with core managers, vendors, and UCSF IT to make this transition as seamless as possible. Stay tuned for more details as we implement this new solution. If you have any questions about this migration please direct them to [email protected] 

Core Deployment Overview

Below you will find the Core deployment schedule from iLab. This schedule is subject to change should extra training sessions be necessary or if the core chooses to purchase additional modules that would require additional customization and training.

The schedule is highly dependent upon the core staff remaining engaged throughout the implementation, doing their “homework”, and attending weekly scheduled meetings. On the right-hand panel "Implement iLab" you will find important documents for your iLab implementation.

Why iLab? 

iLab’s uniform management system effectively decreases the administrative burden of core managers, leaving more time to devote to the more critical facets of their work. It also enables our research community to access core facilities through one centralized portal that is easy to navigate and is accessible from anywhere our investigators work.

After an extensive evaluation and selection process, iLab was selected as the most comparable and efficient solution by the CMS Task Force. The iLab program is fully integrated with PeopleSoft financial system for convenient access, account validation, and payment processing. Those assets improve core function and financial stability which make iLab effective at managing core facilities and optimizing revenue.

Benefits of iLab

iLab provides a unique platform for core facilities to efficiently support the management of service requests, equipment scheduling, project tracking, communication, billing, and reporting.

  • iLab provides unlimited support directly to end users.
  • PI’s and financial managers can easily manage what budgets their lab members have access to.
  • Users can easily track the status of service requests orders and reserve time on instrumentation.
  • Billing is automatic and is integrated with the reservation/usage tracking system giving real-time usage metrics and budgeting capabilities.
  • Enables safeguards to prevent users from reserving time on (or using) equipment that requires training.

Please refer to the right-hand panel "Implement iLab," to find important information pertaining to your iLab implementation.