Our Team

Michael Lee, Executive Director

[email protected] | (415) 430-7676

Michael joined the Research Resource Program (RRP) team in 2018 and currently serves as Executive Director. His goal is to support the development, implementation and support of programs that will have a broad impact across UCSF Core & Shared Resource Facilities and enhance UCSF research capabilities. By working with the broad stake holders to maintain communication channels and build bridges, the RRP team contributes to the success of UCSF cores and shared resources.     

Michael has been at UCSF since 2003, working in labs and Cores where he became increasingly engaged in meeting general challenges faced by the research community. He has also led and worked with individual Cores to improve their operations and has coordinated funding for much needed instrumentation and operational support. Previously, he was the Director for the Parnassus Flow Cytometry (PFCC) and Monoclonal Antibody Cores and continues to advise both Cores. He also is a member of the Bluestone lab, working on the development and continuation of clinical trials involving the use of Regulatory T cells (Tregs) for the treatment of various ailments such as Type-1 diabetes. 

Michael has a BA in Biology from UC Santa Cruz and an MS in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences from San Francisco State.


Olena Akerman, Finance Manager

[email protected] | (415) 476-0539

Olena Akerman has been working with the EVC&P for 12 years in one capacity or another. She is the Business Manager supporting LARC & EH&S. She and her staff provide procurement, administrative and financial support. With 2 kids, a dog and a cat, she doesn't have much time left for hobbies. But she does enjoy to host dinner parties and to go on, unfortunately rare, camping trips.





Rochelle Kelley, Program Manager

[email protected] | (510) 816-8150

Rochelle joined UCSF in October 2015; She is the main point of contact for iLab operations and Core Director operational support. She also provides management for RRP program areas including annual deployment of the Core Operational Improvement Awards (COIA) and the Institutional Matching Instrumentation Awards (IMIA), campus core certification, software services, marketing/web development and strategic communications.

Rochelle's background includes experience in both legal and medical areas, her passion for service excellence is what led her to join the UCSF community; she is an active member of the University of California Administrative Management Professionals (UCAMP) network and the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF). By actively engaging in these professional communities, she stays abreast of the latest trends and continuously seeks opportunities to enhance her skills.

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Kasha Hudack, Project Analyst

[email protected]

Kasha joined UCSF in August 2020 as a Project Analyst in the Research Resource Program. Her main focus is providing project support to the RRP team and to the broader research community through the iLab platform and other research support tools. Kasha made a big leap switching from product-oriented sector to education. Previously, she worked as a translator and AI model trainer with hands-on experience in developing and maintaining products and software.

At UCSF, Kasha hopes to influence the entire collective of people, not only consumers of goods, by means of supporting the researchers and doctors in their work that serves everyone.




Aaron Ye, Program Associate

[email protected]

Aaron has been working with business systems and databases for over 6 years. He is the Program Associate providing support for the RRP team, through the iLab platform and other research support tools.

He joined UCSF to learn more about system design, their implementations and challenges, and continue lending his expertise in this field. In his spare time, he enjoys baseball and piano.