Campus Core Certification

A Campus Core Certification is granted to cores that have a broad, campus-wide reach and that meet certain other criteria. Campus certified cores gain priority for central campus funding and resources. Applications for Campus Core status are reviewed on a rolling basis by the UCSF Research Resource Program. Direct inquiries to [email protected].

To gain Campus Core Certification, a core must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Be open and accessible to the entire UCSF research community and support research from multiple programs.
  2. Provide high quality scientific and/or technical services to a significant number of investigators.
  3. Provide technology training and/or education to UCSF researchers.
  4. Have a defined mission that supports the UCSF research enterprise.
  5. Have equitable and transparent campus approved cost-recovery practices, usage tracking and fee structures.
  6. Have a defined management structure overseeing community usage practices that includes an Advisory Board.

In addition, a Campus Core should have most of these preferred characteristics:

  1. Broad usage by researchers across the UCSF research community.
  2. Provide cutting edge or state-of-the-art technology that requires advanced instrumentation.
  3. Provide an environment for technology and application development.
  4. A business plan that includes financial management, marketing, and market analysis components.

Apply for Campus Core Status