Welcome to the UCSF Research Resource Program

The RRP was created in 2010 to meet the UCSF need for coordination and support of centralized research core facilities.

The primary responsibilities of the RRP are:

  • Development of a federalized model of core facility governance
  • Identification and implementation of best practices:  operational and financial management and specialized IT support
  • Communication strategies to improve core utilization including non-campus clients
  • Consensus building among the stakeholders who invest in core technologies
  • Strategic planning for shared scientific resources:  capital investment, space allocation and long-range financial support

Mission Statement:

The RRP supports a culture of innovation and collaboration in the use of research tools positioning UCSF faculty as leaders in scientific discovery and its translation into improved health.  Investment and nurturing of specialized resource centers supports a diverse research base including sophisticated, dedicated technology users as well as investigators needing access for less complex analysis.  Appropriate centralized administrative structures support this complex service model and allow for well-informed institutional investment decisions.


Research Resource Program
University of California, San Francisco
Mission Center Building
1855 Folsom Street, Suite 200, Box 3202
San Francisco, CA 94123