Working With External Clients


In order to work with external clients that want to use core services, you must first set up a business contract. Most core facilities can use the Standard Business Contract Template to set up agreements. The Standard Business Contract was created to fast-track agreements between core facilities and external clients and includes language that has been pre-approved by OR Business Contracts.

The Standard Business Contract can be used when:

  1. The core has an established recharge rate approved by the budget office. (For information on establishing a recharge, please contact the Research Resource Program or Office of Budget & Resource Management.)
  2. The services to be provided do not require any intellectual contribution on the part of any UCSF employee.

    If intellectual property will be provided by the core, a Sponsored Research Agreement may be necessary. If the client represents a for-profit organization, please contact the Industry Contracts Division (ICD) of the Office of Innovation, Technology & Alliances. If the client represents a non-profit organization or an agency of the government, please contact UCSF Government and Business Contracts.

    How To Set Up An Agreement Using The Standard Business Contract

    1. Work directly with the external client on establishing a “scope of work" and an estimate cost for services to be provided. Estimates should be derived using budget office approved rates from your Recharge Approval Letter.
    2. Once the initial agreement has been reached, complete the Business Contract Request Form and have it signed by your department chair, MSO or other designee.
    3. Send the following documents to OR Business Contracts to initiate the process; OR Business Contracts will then work with the external client to execute an agreement.
    • Completed and signed Business Contract Request Form
    • Scope of Work
    • Recharge Approval Letter

    Additional Requirements for External Clients That Will be Working On-Site in a UCSF Core

    1. Determine the appropriate biological, chemical, radiation, or other safety trainings that the client must take and advise them as such, as you would for any UCSF employee using your core.
    2. Request a Certificate of Insurance (COI) from the external client organization; this should then be sent in pdf form to UCSF Government and Business Contracts.