Visibility & Marketing


The RRP is committed to helping cores market their services and events to current and potential clients by promoting core availability and increasing core visibility.

To Increase Your Core's Visibility:

  • Host a table at the RRP Core Fairs, which connect cores with researchers. Visit our events page for upcoming dates!
  • Participate in "Coffee Break" events held in high-traffic areas at Mission Bay or Parnassus. E-mail for scheduling.
  • List and update core information, services, and instruments in UCSF Cores Search. This is the campus-wide instrument and services search system. Contact for assistance.
  • Design and maintain a website with the following features:
    • Up-to-date information. Include information about your core, including list of instruments, service offerings, pricing, and contact information.
    • Easy-to-find resources. Keep resources on a separate page, perhaps called "Resources." If you have many instruments and services, you may want to separate them with a page for "Instruments" and another for "Services."
    • Search optimization. Many researchers use online search engines such as Google, and search optimization will help your site reach the top of search results pages. A website created with the UCSF Site Builder is already optimized for search.
    • Helpful links. Provide prominent links to the campus-wide search system for core resources and RRP's Find Core Resources page.
    • Track and analyze activity on your web site through Google Analytics. You will need to activate Google Analytics. If you have created the site with UCSF Site Builder, first submit a request to IT for a Web Property ID and then enable Google analytics for that ID.

Participate in Cores Family Pages

Core Visibility was the theme of the 2016 Core Leadership Retreat where we discussed ideas for improvement. The Cores Family Page Project resulted from this discussion and aims to provide landing pages that will bring together related technologies from different cores in one virtual location to allow researchers to easily compare all of the available resources and select the one most suitable for their project needs. Cores family pages are currently under construction.

For more information contact Greg Tong.