Genomics Cores Family

Genomics cores provide key technology and services across the full range of genetic and genomic research, from planning an experiment through data analysis and storage. They can also connect investigators with related services from UCSF partners.

Contact the cores directly to see how they can help you with your genomics needs. The cores provide a range of consultation services on experimental design, data analysis, sample preparation, reagents, consumables, equipment, vendor partners, and cross-core workflows.

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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) services

UCSF CoLabs 

Genomics CoLab

Cell Identification and Isolation

Use technologies and services to identify and isolate single cells and their genomic content from imaging, flow, and genomics cores.


After isolating genomic content from single cells, genomics cores can provide library preparation and sequencing services.

Data Analysis

The Bioinformatics Cores Family can help you develop a pipeline to analyze all your data.

Mouse Model Generation (see Animal-related Research Family)

Other Genomics services