Requesting Access to Multiple Labs in iLab

Users can request access to multiple labs by following the instructions below:

  1. Click the hamburger icon in the upper left-hand corner of iLab to expand your left navigation menu
  2. Click ‘Manage Groups header to


  1. Click the grey “Request Group Access” box under your list of groups


  1. Type ‘San Francisco’ in the ‘Institution’ box then choose ‘University of California San Francisco’ from the list of institutions
  2. Within the ‘Group’ box type your PI’s last name for the list of PIs to populate
  3. Select your PI
  4. Click ‘Request Access’

  8. Your PI, lab manager, or an institution admin at UCSF will have to accept your request

  9. If you do not see your P.I listed in the drop down, please contact [email protected] with the P.I First Name, Last Name, Email and Speedtype number.