By RRP on
March 21, 2011

UCSF has recently established a centrally managed ES Cell Targeting Core Facility. This facility will provide high-quality ES cell services to the UCSF Research community, and will replace the Transgenic Core Facility, which closed in August 2010. Services that will eventually be replaced include: ES cell culture, targeting using investigator provided constructs, clonal expansion and microinjection preparation. 

Dr. Chong Park will lead the development of this facility. Dr. Park is highly experience in this arena. Dr. Park has a number of years of experience in ES cell propagation, gene targeting and clonal expansion and is currently leading a miRNA knockout mouse project working with Michael McManus in the UCSF Diabetes Center. 

Potential long range plans for the facility include ES cell line derivation from knockouts, pronuclear, blastocyst, and lentivirus injections, as well as mouse phenotyping services.

Individual researchers who currently do their own ES cell targeting will not be impacted and can take advantage of the services provided by this core facility if they like. This facility will partner with the Gladstone Microinjection Facility to provide the full service mutant mouse production for UCSF and Gladstone researchers.

Development of this facility will continue with oversight from Advisory Committee members Michael McManus, Jeremy Reiter, Anthony Wynshaw-Boris and Averil Ma.

By RRP on
January 01, 2011

The Core Leadership Advisory Committee (CLAC) is accepting now applications from core facilities for funds to attend training opportunities. This is the third year that this opportunity has been available and is funded by the CTSI. This year's awards will be made available to Core Directors as well as staff. The application deadline has been extended to January 17, 2011. Funds must be used by May 30, 2011.