Lean Certification: Upcoming Dates and Accomplishments from Our Certified Lean Practitioners

FAS Lean Practitioner Certification

Celebrates and recognizes participants who have demonstrated conceptual understanding of Lean and the thought process behind the A3 framework, including 

  • ‌defining the problem 
  • ‌explaining the gaps between the current condition and target condition
  • ‌proposing countermeasures to address the root causes.

‌Participants show effective application of A3 Thinking to address a problem in their functional area by leading at least one cycle of change with measurable results. All UCSF employees are eligible to apply. Application cycles for certification run year-round and at least two ceremonies are conducted annually to showcase candidates’ project through A3 presentation and reflection.

‌How do you get Certified? 

‌Step 1: Training 

‌Step 2: Demonstrating application of A3 Thinking and Lean tools

‌Step 3: Presenting your A3

Visit: https://pmo.ucsf.edu/fas-lean-practitioner-certification-program for more information and an in-depth breakdown of the steps listed above.

If you're ready to become a Certified Lean Practitioner, submit your UCSF Lean Practitioner Application by April 10th.

‌Our Lean Practitioner Celebration will be held on May 8th.

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