Imaging Cores Family

Imaging cores provide services for pre-clinical and clinical studies, including experiment and protocol design, access to instruments, imaging and imaging analysis, and data management. Contact the cores to see how they can help you. You can also use Cores Search to look directly for an instrument or service by name or related term.

Types of Imaging Services from Cores

Imaging technologies Core Campus
Spectral imaging Biological Imaging Development Center Parnassus
Tomography (CT) Biomaterials and Bioengineering Correlative Microscopy Core Parnassus
Spectral imaging HDFCCC Laboratory for Cell Analysis Mission Bay, Mt. Zion
Bioluminescence, ultrasound imaging HDFCCC Pre-Clinical Therapeutics Core Mission Bay, Mt. Zion
MR, magneto- and electroencephalography, tomography (PET, CT, SPECT), ultrasound, Fourier Transform infrared imaging. Ex- and in-vivo. Human Imaging Core Services China Basin, Parnassus, Mission Bay, Mt. Zion,
MR imaging. In vivo. Neuroscape MRI Lab Mission Bay
MR, tomography (PET, CT, SPECT, micro), spectral, bioluminescence/fluorescence imaging. Ex- and in-vivo. Pre-Clinical Imaging Core Services China Basin, Mission Bay

Imaging Support Services

All cores provide research support services in combination with imaging services. The following cores are dedicated to support services:

Clinical Imaging Core Services: Experiment design, imaging and data analysis, image processing and interpretation.

Scientific Computing Services: Hardware and software computing support for imaging.