Human Biospecimens Cores Family

Human biospecimens cores provide acquisition, processing, and banking services for tissues and fluids. Some of the cores specialize in disease areas, while others provide services for all human biospecimens. Contact the cores to find how they can meet your specific needs. You can also use Cores Search to look directly for an instrument or service by name or related term.

Core Acquire Process Bank
AIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource @ ZSFG     T, F
AIDS Specimen Bank @ Parnassus   T ,F T, F
CTSI Biospecimen Processing Lab @ Mission Bay, Mt. Zion,Parnassus, VA, ZSFG T, F T, F T, F
CFAR Core Immunology Lab @ ZSFG   T, F  
CTSI Clinical Research Services: Phlebotomy Services @ Mission Bay, Parnassus, VA, ZSFG F F  
Cell and Genome Engineering Core @ Parnassus, Mission Bay   T T
Neurosurgery Tissue Core (Brain Tumor Research Center) @ Mission Bay T T T
NRG Oncology Biospecimen Bank     T, F
Premier Genomics/Molecular Resources Core (Rheumatology)     T
Virology Core @ ZSFG   T, F  
[T = Tissues. F = Fluids, including cells]