iLab Feature Updates - January 2024

What's New? 


Split line items by service amount/cost:

You can now split individual service items by service amount/cost and not just percentage, allowing for more flexibility in split charges.  

Receive emails when a kiosk reservation is marked “No show”:

Core administrators can now enable a setting under the Administration tab (navigate to Email Settings>Scheduling workflow) to be notified when a user fails to start their reservation using kiosk within the parameters set by the core. Core administrators can select who will receive the email notification. 

Coming Soon - Updated Billing Interface! 

In addition to updated terminology and interface, Core Administrators now have the option to create a billing event without loading the charges. Core Administrators will be presented with the option to define the parameters of the billing event and then can then use the ‘Create Billing Event’ button to begin creating a billing event or may select ‘Review charges’ to load all charges for review.

New functionality allows for editing of the charges as they load, and proceeding forward at any point in the load process to create a billing event should that be necessary. Core Administrators will also see a progress bar indicating the percentage of process completion.


Getting started with the new billing interface is straightforward. Simply log in to your account and navigate to your core’s Billing tab, then click the “New Billing Event” button. 

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