Funding Shared Equipment Awards - Round 3 Award Announcement

On behalf of the ETAC, and the EVCP's office, the Research Resource Program is proud to announce that for the Winter 2014 cycle of the Funding Shared Equipment Awards, thirteen projects have been awarded funding.

Created in 2012, these awards are designed to fund transformational technologies and instrumentation which support the development of cores at UCSF. Since 2012, over 3mm in funding has been awarded, and the Chancellor allocated an additional $2mm in funding for these awards in Round 3.

The projects that have been awarded for the Winter 2014 cycle are as follows:

A Xevo G2-XS QTof Mass Spectometer for Site-directed ligand discovery
Michelle Arkin

HDFCCC Mouse Pathology Core, Tissue Core, and Immunohistochemistry Core Joint Proposal: Histology Slide and Cassette Printers
Jennifer Bolen

Funds for an Illumina V4 sequencer
Eric Chow

Robotic Overture 96-Channel Peptide Synthesizer for Peptide-Enabled Technologies
Charles Craik

Purchase of a MALDI-TOF instrument to provide rapid, hands-on mass determination for the UCSF community
William Degrado

A console and probe replacement for the “Walk-up” 400 MHz NMR spectrometer supporting synthetic chemistry programs at UCSF
John Gross

Precision small animal radiotherapy
Byron Hann

Cost-effective raster-scanning solution for UCSF beamline 8.3.1 at the Advanced Light Source.
James Holton

Orbitrap Fusion and TSQ Quantiva Mass Spectrometry Systems for a Global-to-Targeted Proteomics Center
Nevan Krogan

Autosampler for the Shared Fluidigm CyTOF2 Mass Spec Flow Cytometer
Mike Lee

The SpinPharmacyLab: Preparation of GMP Grade Imaging Agents For Monitoring Metabolic Processes in Novel Clinical Trials
Sarah Nelson

Overcoming critical barriers to crystal structure determination
Oren Rosenberg

High-Performance Computing for Quantitative Biosciences at UCSF
Andrej Sali