BIOS Advisory Committee Retreat, January 2019


The Research Resource Program organized the first BIOS Advisory Committee Retreat on January 17, 2019 where leaders and users of biospecimens from around UCSF met to discuss the biospecimen lifecycle at UCSF. The committee focused on understanding of the current state of biospecimen lifecycle infrastructure at UCSF and the gaps that exist. We worked to define a vision of what the future should look like and prioritized which parts of that future should be within the scope of BIOS. Our highest priorities for BIOS are:

  1. Define the best ecosystem to: reliably meet the biospecimen needs of investigators; ensure quality assurance and patient safety standards; and maximize use of specimens and access for investigators.
  2. Build a UCSF-wide data repository of biospecimen information that utilizes a standard data structure, assures compliance and facilitates access to biospecimens.
  3. Modernize the consent process to improve efficiency and maximize compliant sample use in state-of-the-art applications.

We also discussed governance and sustainability measures we can put in place to ensure the optimal deployment, advocacy and use of BIOS infrastructure. This included a need for education and advocacy on the value of BIOS, providing incentives to encourage use of BIOS and establishing customer service that meets researcher’s needs.

Please find the slide presentation and a report from the work we did linked here:


Next Steps:

  • Creating a communications and education strategy
  • Creating an action plan for leadership engagement and communication to the Health System
  • Creating a plan for continued engagement of BIOS Advisory Committee and creation of a Biospecimen User’s Group. If you are interested joining a Biospecimen Users Group please contact Candice Pyun at [email protected]  

Thanks also to the Program Management Office for leading us through a fun and engaging process!