Core Business Meetings

The Research Resource Program began hosting a series of business education meetings called Core Business Meetings for core directors, managers, and administrators in early 2015. The meetings introduce attendees to departments on campus, provide information about existing or pilot programs offered by the RRP, or review resources available for cores (such as business plan templates and external client forms).

Previous meeting topics have included:

  • Periodic RRP Updates and Annoucements¬†
  • RRP Equipment Maintenance Pilot Program
  • Business Process Improvement Workshops, presented by the PMO
  • Writing Business Plans & Collecting User Data
  • Recharge Activity Review Process, presented by BRM Recharge Operations
  • External Client Onboarding Process Overview
  • Funding Core Instrumentation, presented with SCM
  • Recharge Policy Discussion
  • Core Development Awards: Funding Core Infrastructure
  • ABRF Lightning Talks
  • Core Visualization


If you have suggestions for future meeting topics, or would like to be added to the invite list, please e-mail [email protected]