Asset Tracking Project Overview


Here at UCSF we have millions of dollars of research equipment from basic laboratory freezers and centrifuges to state-of-the-art sequencers and microscopes. However, finding the equipment you need can be challenging and you may be considering purchasing something we already have or be missing out on experiments because you don’t know what’s in the lab next door.

The Asset Tracking and Decision Support (ATDS) Project is working on improving our equipment inventory data base and creating a searchable interface for researchers to find what they need. Core Managers will also be able to track performance & maintenance issues for equipment so that more informed decisions can be made about equipment maintenance, and the inventory process will be much easier for equipment custodians. This project is supported by the Resource Research Program, the Controller’s Office and Supply Chain Management.

Four primary roles will enable Equipment Custodians, Core Managers, Lab Managers, and others to access the system and take advantage of the new functionality developed as part of this project.

Go to the ATDS System Implementation website to learn more about new features and user roles.