Affiliates and External Users



An Affiliate or External User is someone who will be paying for core services with non-UCSF funds, via check, wire transfer or IOC (inter-campus fund transfer). This includes PIs from other UC campuses, as well as those from affiliate, non-profit, and for-profit organizations.

To initiate a request for services from a UCSF core, please follow these instructions:
  1. Contact the core directly to initiate a business contract request (not required for Affiliates or other UC campuses)
  2. Once the business contract is executed, a core staff member can create your MyCORES external user account
  3. At this point, the core may begin providing services and charges relating to orders/reservations will be entered by core staff into MyCORES and invoiced

**If you have PO# information which needs to be recorded in MyCORES, please fill out the MyCORES External PO Information Form. Each of these reference accounts will generate separate external invoices, should multiple PO# for a single client be used in a single billing cycle.**

If you Need the Ability to log in to MyCORES to schedule your own reservations, please proceed below to Obtaining a MyAccess Account.
  1. Ask the core if it is appropriate or necessary for you to create your own reservations in MyCORES
  2. Fill out the MyCORES External Customer Account Request form
  3. The MyCORES Team will submit a request for your ID# (this can take up to two weeks)
  4. The MyCORES Team will contact you with instructions on activating your MyAccess ID# and setting up a password
To request changes to your MyCORES billing account, please e-mail [email protected] with the desired change.

For example, "Please update the invoice/billing e-mail address on file for PI Peyton Potter of Company ABC to [email protected]"