UCSF Users


A UCSF user is a PI, lab member, or administrator that works or studies at UCSF and will be paying for services or managing accounts utilizing a UCSF speedtype.

To request a MyCORES account, please follow these instructions:

  1. Retrieve your MyAccess ID number
  2. Fill out the MyCORES New User Account Form
  3. The MyCORES Team will contact you once your account has been created

Please include all necessary information. Providing inaccurate or incomplete information will cause a delay in account creation.

Users must have both an active MyAccess ID# and MyCORES account in order to log in to MyCORES.


To request a change to your MyCORES account, please e-mail mycoresmail@ucsf.edu with the desired change.

For example, "Please remove my role under PI Jamie Jones and add me as a user under PI Sammy Smith. My MyAccess ID# is SF123456."