MyCORES - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get into the MyCORES system? 

To set up an account in the MyCORES system for a Service Core Manager, a Service Core Associate, a Lab Manager/Assistant, Department Administrator or a PI you need to fill the out the MyCORES New User Account Form. (Users outside of UCSF will need to fill out the External Customer Information Form. ) Once an account has been created, the new user is assigned the proper role in the system.  

How do I use the system? 
Prior to accessing the system, each user will need to be set up in the MyCORES system and must be assigned to at least one role. To be set up in the system, refer to the FAQ: "How do I get set up in the MyCORES system?" After your account is created, log in to MyAccess and choose MyCORES. The MyCORES Quick Reference Guides (QRG) provides step by step instructions for specific tasks. The QRGs are arranged by User Role.

How do I reserve a core device? 
Under the "Quick Links", click Reserve Core Device. Available core devices will be displayed. You are required to select a specific core and you then have the option to select up to six (6) resources/devices. If a resource to which you should have access is not displayed, contact the Service Core Manager or Service Core Associate. For more detailed information, consult the QRG for your assigned role. Refer to the “Reserve a Device” section.  

Why can't I reserve a specific device? 
Restrictions for reserving devices are determined by the core facility. Restrictions include prior training and/or certification on the device, authorization to use the device, etc. If you have not yet been authorized to use the device, you will not see the resource as an available option. Please see your Service Core Manager/Service Core Associate for details as to your specific situation.  

How do I reserve a people resource (an assistant) with a device resource? 
1. Click "Order Entry". Select the correct Fund DPA, category, and description for the item(s) you would like to order. To add a line item assistant, click the icon. Select the name of the assistant you want from the dropdown, and click "Save as Open Order".

2. Click "Reserve Core Device". If the resource selected is associated to an Assistant, and you do indeed, want to reserve an Assistant, simply select the radio button by the Assistance for "YES". (The Assistance radio button is defaulted to "NO". Once the button is clicked, one or more assistant options should appear. Select the radio button for the Assistant requested and then select "Refresh Calendar" button.)  

What happens if I don’t use the whole amount of time I have reserved for the device or resource—am I billed for unused time? 
If you use a device or a resource for a different amount of time than what you reserved it for, it is necessary for you to contact the Core Manager to let him/her know to make the required changes to your reservation. If you fail to contact the Service Core Manager or Service Core Associate to request changes to your reservation, you will be billed at the end of the month for the time as originally reserved.

How long do I have to make changes to a reservation? 
This depends on each core and each will have different policies regarding making changes to the reservations. A Core Manager/Assistant can make changes to a reservation until 11:59 PM on the date of the reservation. At this time, the reservation becomes an "Unconfirmed Order". Changes can be made to the unconfirmed order by the Core Manager/Assistant until the order is confirmed and submitted to billing.  

How do I search for services in a core? 
You can search for a core (or all cores) and view available services once logged into the MyCORES application.

1. Under Quick Links, click Search for Services.

2. You can confine your search to a specific core or search all cores.

How do I place an order in MyCORES? 
Verify Fund DPA number(s) with your PI, Service Core Manager or Service Core Associate as you will be asked to provide a valid Fund DPA prior to using core services. Placing an order is accomplished in one of three ways:

1. Orders may be manually keyed in the MyCORES system based on your assigned role. Find your “role” in the QRG, and then refer to the “Place an Order” section.

2. Orders are created for devices reserved through the “Reserve a Device” calendar. Find your “role” in the QRG, and then refer to the “Reserve a Core Device” section.

3. Orders are created through an end-of-month upload process for specific core facilities.  

What is the difference between an open order and an unconfirmed order? 
An "open" order is entered through the Menu Selection, Order Entry and viewed through Open Order. The open order requires confirmation by a Service Core Manager or Service Core Associate in order to be available for the invoicing process. Open orders allow core managers flexibility by providing the ability to enter a partial order, edit an order, and/or save an order (for a later date) before submitting to Finance for invoicing. An "unconfirmed" order is actually an open order that has been generated from a reservation or recurring order process. For more detailed information, consult the QRG for your assigned role.  

How to add fund DPAs in MYCORES? 
Currently, MyCORES team is responsible for adding the fund DPA in the system. You can contact them with the following information: Fund/DPA number, Department Code, Start and End date of the grant and contact info of the finance person who will be dealing with the fund DPAs.

How do core facilities and shared resources bill the appropriate grant/Fund DPA? 
Orders for products and services in MyCORES cannot be entered without a valid Fund DPA. If you have authorization for more than one Fund DPA, and you have questions about which to charge, contact your PI/Finance person who will be dealing with the PI’s funds  for guidance. All confirmed orders are converted to monthly charges against the PI's Fund DPAs. Finance then appropriately posts the charges to the Fund DPAs.  

How do I view and confirm my open orders? 
Under the "Quick Links", click "View Open Orders". All open orders will be displayed. For more detailed information, consult the QRG for your assigned role. 

How do I add an item to an open order? 
Select the order number of a current open order in your core. This will open a new screen. At the bottom of the screen click the Add Item button. A new line item will appear under the previous one. Select the category, description, and quantity. You can either save as an Open Order or Submit the Order for billing.  

How do I edit an existing open order so that it reflects the date of the actual work and not the date of the data entry? 
Select the order number of a current open order in your core. This will open a new screen. At the top right side of the screen, in the grey bar, there is a box that says Service Provided. By clicking in the Calendar box, you can change the date associated with the open order, then click Submit Order to submit to billing.  

I created an entry, open order. Do I create a new open order for every day for the same job, or do I keep one open order and keep adding hours as the work progresses? 
This is a process that can be done either way, and you should determine which way would work best for you. We suggest that if you save the order as an open order and add to it daily, that you submit the orders weekly if possible. This will reduce the work load at the end of the month. If an order is going to span two or more months, it is important that all hours be charged to the month in which they were completed.  

On the open order screen there is differentiation between PI Open Orders and Open Orders—what’s the difference? 
An Open Order is an open order that was placed by Core Facility Personnel (even if it was on the behalf of a PI), while a PI open order is an open order that was placed directly the PI or by a Resource User on his/her behalf. This differentiation allows core facility personnel to distinguish between orders they have entered and orders placed by users.  

How to restrict fund DPA to resource users?  
The Lab Manager assigns FUND/DPAs to specific users and will have the same access as a PI (See below for steps to restrict the fund DPAs for resource user).  One person could be assigned as both the PI’s Lab Manager and Finance Department Administrator.  The default FUND/DPA access in MyCores for a PI’s Resource Users is that they will have access to choose from all of the PI’s FUND/DPAs.  The PI role, as well as the Lab Manager role can assign specific FUND/DPAs to Resource Users.  If the PI or Lab Manger does not assign specific FUND/DPAs to Resource Users, please make sure the PI’s Resource Users know which of the PIs FUND/DPAs to select.  

What to do if PI doesn’t want to receive monthly invoices? 
At the beginning of every month, the Principal Investigator will receive an email notification with invoice details and the amount that has been charged against the fund DPAs they have authorized to.  If the principal investigator does not wish to receive the email notification, please send us the name of lab manager/finance person who will deal with billing information so that we can set them up to receive the invoices for every month.

How do I correct a Fund DPA? You can only correct Fund DPAs for open orders prior to submission. Find your “role” in theQRG, and then refer to the “Correct a Fund DPA” section for more detailed instructions. NOTE: The Service Core Manager or the Associate Core Manager are the only MyCORES roles that are able to make adjustments once the order has been submitted/confirmed.

How long after an order is placed am I able to make changes? 
You may make changes to open orders up to the time that the order has become a submitted order and/or an unconfirmed order has become a confirmed order. NOTE: The Core Manager is the only MyCORES role that will be able to make adjustments once the order has been submitted/confirmed. 

Can I track/see the details of the charges made against my Fund DPA? 
Yes! MyCORES were designed to make getting this information easy. You can use a number of report functions to obtain detailed information about core products and services purchased on your designated FUND DPAs. From the Main Menu, select Reports, then Usage Report or Pre-Invoice Report to view details of charges.

  • Pre-Invoice Report will display charges that have been entered in the system during the month prior to invoicing.
  • Usage Report will provide summary or detail information on all historical invoices.
  • Invoice Report will provide summary information on invoices by month.
  • Query allows a customized search for current charges or historical invoices.  

How do I get an incorrect charge removed from my Fund DPA? 
This is easy to do before charges have been uploaded to Finance. Core Managers will use the Correction/Distribution function to make the necessary changes. If the charge has already gone through the invoicing process, the Service Core Manager will need to process the change(s) as a refund and then re-key the correct information as a new order. For more detailed information, consult your Service Core Manager or Service Core Associate.  

Can I see the details of the charges made against my Fund DPAs? 
Yes! MyCORES was designed to make getting this information easy. You can use a number of report functions to obtained detailed information about core products and services purchased on your Fund-DPAs.

Is there training available for MyCORES?  Yes. We can come to your office for small group or one‐on‐one sessions. Core Managers and Department Administrators (and their Lab Manager/Assistants) may also find our pre go live meetings to be helpful in navigating system updates and changes. To request training, send an email to  

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