What is MyCORES?

As a result of the input and efforts of a broad base of key stakeholders at UCSF, the RRP entered into an agreement with Vanderbilt University to purchase their Core Ordering and Reporting Enterprise SystemTM (CORES™).

MyCORES is the label used by UCSF to identify CORES™, and is a web-based software system that facilitates the purchase of products and services from the University's core facilities and shared resources.

How do I access MyCORES?

MyCORES is available via MyAccess to users with a MyCORES account and MyAccess ID.

To request a MyCORES account, please fill out the appropriate form below:

UCSF Researchers and Staff should fill out the MyCORES New User Account Form. You will need to know your MyAccess ID number.

External (non-UCSF) Clients need to have a Business Contract Agreement in place with the core facility prior to placing orders. Please contact the core directly to initiate this process. Once a business contract is in place, clients should fill out the MyCORES External Customer Information Form.

How do I enter PO information in MyCORES?

External (non-UCSF) Clients may record PO# information in MyCORES by filling out the MyCORES External PO Information Form. Each of these reference accounts will generate separate external invoices, should multiple be used in a single billing cycle.

Other Information

For more information, please contact or refer to the following: